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Local Man Finally Accepts That His Rockford Journey Is Ending

Rockford, IL – David J. Lorenzo woke up the same as any other day in The Rockford of Illinois but today he accepted the inevitable from happening soon. “I believe everyday is a new day to be the best one can

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Big Balloon Go Pop Over Rockford, River Sharks Eat Family of 6

Rockford, IL – A large hot air balloon carrying a family of six took off from the west side of Rockford on Sunday morning and attempted to fly to the east side of Rockford. A crowd of east-siders gathered in

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City Prepares to See Art and then Drink Beer – Fall ArtSeen 2013!

Rockford, IL – The very popular city-wide event, ArtSeen, is going on this weekend in the Forest City of Dreams and Hope.  ArtSeen 2013 will be everywhere, from downtown to the far east side.   People will be everywhere looking

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Rockford Dream Police Shoot Dog and Kill Cat

ROCKFORD, IL –  RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers shot a cute dog and killed an extremely fertile cat on West State Street.  No other information is available. You will know more when we know less. – Ron Kites  

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Robert “Bob” Redcast 0

ROBERT “BOB”REDCAST 61 ROCKFORD Robert Redcast rode the great escalator into the sky  Thursday Sept.13 Bob was born in Rockford Il in January 1951. He grew up in Byron and graduated from Rockford College. Bob was a CPA and practiced

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Henrietta Sally Probearheimer 0

ROCKFORD, IL – Henrietta Sally Proberheimer, 91, of Rockford, IL, died Monday, Sept. 17, 2012, in a cabin in the woods surrounded by her goats and husband. She was born April 4, 1931, in Chicago to Herbert and Callen (Nerferberg)

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