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A Valentine’s Day Letter From Jenny Clobber to The City She Loves

Rockford, IL – We received a love letter poem today from Jennifer Clobber of Cherry Valley, IL, who wanted to send her love to the city she loves for Valentine’s Day. Dear Rockford, IL I watch you from afar From

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What’s the Best Day of the Week to Git Sum in Rockford? We have the answer.

Rockford, IL – City officials have confirmed that “Mondays are a great day to git sum.” Rkfdnews staff reporter, Darby Appleby, asked Linda Provalone-Ferne, 14th District Alderman, what “sum” is. She told us to visit this website to figure it out:  Click

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Number One Position for Making Sweet, Sweet Rockford Love Revealed 0

Rockford, IL – A 2014 study by US News Reports was released today stating that “the number one position for making sweet, sweet, sweet and delicious Rockford area love to your internet friends and family is by lying to them.  Filling them with

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Popular Dating Site Removes Rockford Area Singles From Search Results

Rockford, IL – The popular online dating site,, will make things a little easier for single people who want to meet quality single people come January 2015. “In order to improve the quality results that we want to provide our

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City of Rockford Designates Wednesdays as Baby Heather Day!

Rockford, IL –  The City of Rockford quickly honored the historic event that occurred at Jay and Gordon Fernandezes’ household last night when their daughter, Baby Heather, mutter her first word, “Rockford.” (Click Here To Read) Mayor Barry Morrison’s office released

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Report: Rockford Baby’s First Word Shatters Centuries of Infant Behavior Skills

Rockford, IL – Centuries of infant behavior patterns came to a standstill in Rockford, IL last night for the proud parents of an 18 month old daughter.  Jay and Gordon Fernandez were playing with their baby Heather when she muttered

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