Making Rockford Great For America On The Internet Again

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Rockford – Wendy’s Restaurant Under Fire for “Ginger Discrimination”

Rockford, IL — Edgebrook Center, on the East side of Rockford, is cleaning up the ashes from last week’s Ginger Lives Matter riot. The riot, which took place after sunset on Saturday, is the first violent demonstration from the GLM,

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Successful Poverty Not Just For North, South and West Sides of Rockford Anymore

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Rockford, IL— A city’s transformation has many phases.  Transforming a community requires spreading out positive data throughout Rockford.  Local leaders from city government and ad firms came together this week to upload a Power Point Poverty Solution presentation to the Google

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Rockford Area Forest Preserves Not Just for Gay Sex Anymore

The Rockford internet community has done it! With your likes and shares of mugshot postings, you’ve successfully outed and ousted the worst of the worst criminals: Lonely, old, gay men. These parks will no longer be known as gay hook-up

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Duplex Cookies Tossed Out of Rockford for New Downtown Loft Cookies

Rockford, IL — “We Rockfordians have had enough. Our cookies have been cracking and crumbling for too long.” Said Ruth Marche, a well known, well-to-do, community leader and Rockford Transformationalist. Marche has lived in Rockford since before our city’s Nickel

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Phase 1: Make a Twitters With a Facebooks Page — Making Rockford Great For America On The Internet Again

Making Rockford Great For America On The Internet Again has many phases.  Each of you is responsible for helping Google, Chinese project development investors, Gorman, Larry and the City of Rockford, and its most influential people—some (mainly the same few

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