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Popular Rockford Band Signs With RCA Records

Rockford, Illinois – Local rock n’ roll musicians who go by the name, Name The Moon, has signed with RCA Records.

It’s the first major label signing by a regional band since The Good Year Pimps signed to Universal Records in 1996, but then perfectly self-sabotaged all that up by 1999 when Disney merged with Universal and told the band that they couldn’t use swear words and have sex with their wives anymore. The Pimps walked away with the better part of the deal.

However, sadly, until RCA’s signing of the ‘Moon, major labels have avoided Rockford area bands for the better part of five decades due to poor attitudes, poverty, and overall artistic inabilities to sell out like Cheap Trick did.

Name The Moon is comprised of Derek Luttrell, Jason Mossy Vaughn, Gavin Epperson, Scott Ford, Jerry Sofran and new member, Dr. Jim Westin.

RKFDnews talked to the band’s manager, Jay Graham, about signing to a major label:

“Most of the guys in the ‘Moon have been knocking around in-and-out of other bands for the majority of their lives. Everyone but Derek. Derek was busy playing dust-crop saloons in west Iowa at the request of his—ah, shit. I legally can’t say it. Let’s just say it was a she. A real tragedy in the making out there in west Iowa until Mossy and Gavin recruited Derek to come to Rockford. What they didn’t realize was the body of songs Derek came to town with. RCA came to their attention after legendary filmmaker, Pablo Chisel, saw them perform at Mary’s Place and Face-Timed video to RCA scouts to ponder. The “Our City Our Wandering Son” director recently lured Jon Bon Jovi to move to Rockford, to buy a house on the river—on a steel horse he rides, you know?” — Jay Graham, Manager of Name The Moon.

Answering Mr. Graham’s question: We don’t know. We are not in-the-know with steel horses. We are familiar with local ponies behaving like local ponies do.

What we do know for sure—1000000%—is that Name The Moon is a force of fucking nature, bruh. You hear me, bro? Braugh? Bra? They’re preparing to release the follow up to 2016’s self-titled debut. Look for “Space Force,” its first release for RCA, to be released in early October 2018.

— Darby Applebee, aka Gordon Bottoms
[Photo © 2018 Breanda Fedie]

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