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Rockford Shows Up To Eat Beef; Locals Still Can’t Find Reasons to Vote

Rockford Shows Up To Eat Beef; Locals Still Can’t Find Reasons to Vote


Rockford, IL – To those of you who have been contemplating about stopping by the new Portillo’s on East State Street:  Don’t wait.

Part of the joy in going now and waiting in a long line (inside or in the drive-thru) is seeing the amount (and types) of people in our community who show up for fast food, but won’t show up on election day to vote.

Do yourselves a favor, stop by Portillo’s drive-thru to order a few items. (They actually created 200 jobs in less than 4 months. The same amount of jobs a downtown amateur sports thing promises us to provide by, oh, 2018… or?  Who knows, math is a mystery train passing in the night when it comes to downtown Rockford projects.)

Once done there, hit Kate’s Pie Shop in the old Barnes and Noble location, now a Public Library, too. Delicious Pecan Pie, you’ll thank us for the tip. Take your beef and pie downtown to enjoy at any hornets nest location (Wired, Octane, etc.).  Buy a cup of coffee, sit back, enjoy the buzz!

In the hornets nest is where you’ll find our proud, elected officials scheming up new creative projects with their elitist, private sector business friends and public charity moles.  Many of those projects rely on you, the volunteer, to provide free labor and time towards. The New Economy in motion at our expense, and a downtown Rockford renaissance in motion! Everyone else is paying for it but our leaders.

(Maybe you’ll get lucky by spotting a Lamborghini driving up and down State St.  True stuff– exciting times are going on in downtown Rockford for czars, slaves, serfs and freemen.)

Anyway.  We got nothing else. Celebrate yourselves, transform stuff, smile, be positive, dream of trains, hotels and casinos, amateur sports–repeat, AMATEUR sports– eat a bag of dicks and continue to stay home on election day, Rockford.

– George Brawn

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