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Single Moms Boosting Rockford Real Estate Market

Single Moms Boosting Rockford Real Estate Market


Rockford, IL – Carol O’Conner , a single mother of two, owns 5 homes in Rockford, IL.  She always thought this could be her life in Rockford when she was 20 and renting an apartment with her boyfriend Josh.

 “I got pregnant with Josh at 19 and when I was 22 I asked him to put me on his home loan for my birthday, which he did.  Then I got pregnant with his best friend Jim when I was 23 and he had a nice house, too.  I got to keep Josh’s house and when I turned 24 I asked Jim to put me on the loan and he did.  I now own 5 homes.  I am strong Rockford woman. I get what I want no matter how. One could argue that good men have allowed my manifestations to never affect my personal finances, but the truth is that I believe in Rockford and it believes in me.”

Rockford Mommies Boost Real Estate MarketO’Connor continued to brag online to, “I couldn’t have owned 5 homes anywhere else in America right now.  The prices are unbelievable and the local men are some of the nicest to get what you want out of life for free.”

Studies and cases conducted by the national ALS (American Legal System) do contradict regional real estate buying statistics such as O’Connor’s along with other single mothers who are building a real estate portfolios in Rockford, IL.

Jeron Smith, a certified ALS commercial and residential real estate lawyer, tells us, The law tends to consider Mortgage Manifestations somewhere below accidental coffee spills on customers in the McDonalds drive-through. That’s easy money for us. Single women with children have the power to manifest dreams into whatever they want because the world is their vagina. They can fuck it however they want and whoever it affects doesn’t matter as long the banks and my firm still gets paid.”

Go ladies!  Transform The Rockford market by making more babies and buying more homes at dirt cheap prices today.

You will learn more when we know less.™

– Gilbert Grebner



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