America’s Favorite Band,Train, Cancels Historic Performance At Rockford’s Midway Theatre

by Nate, Brother of Gene | October 16, 2012 7:18 AM


Midway Theaturd Roof Collapse Causes Train To Schedule Show, But Cancels Because They Didn’t Want To Help Repair It For Their Show And The City Of Rockford (Photo © Rock River Times)

Rockford, IL – Train, the famous rock n’ roll band from San Francisco that took over America’s hearts and ears, had planned to play (and record) a historic performance at Rockford, IL’s Midway Theaturd.  Everything was set to schedule a historic performance date until the band’s management discovered the venue wasn’t intended to be used in the poor condition that it’s sitting in.

“We were excited to hear about the roof collapse and booked a show immediately.  We had every intents to rock the shit out of Rockford and other villages around the city, but the venue asked that we make a million dollar deposit to secure the date.  When it came down to brass taxes, the math didn’t add up.

We asked Jeremy Feldstone (Midway’s General Manager) why a high deposit was required, and he mentioned our committment would repair the roof in time for our performance this fall or next summer.  We stated 82 times, exactly, that we decided to play the historic theater because the band is a big fan of playing very tight tunes in run-down American theaters like the Midway,” said Chad Nelson, Train’s manager.

Adding a final note, Nelson stated, “We are sad to cancel our intentions to rock the shit out of Rockford, IL, but we have no interests in helping to repair the Midway’s collapsed roof, because it only fuels an on-going problem within the community that we don’t want to have a part in enabling.  That problem being, false community hope.  We are not Rokford’s saviors – we are Train, America’s Band.”

The intended date of the performance has not been rescheduled but rumor has it Cheap Trick may book a local gig there to raise money to repair the theater’s collapsed roof, or to blow the mother f_____g theatre to bits– which is what we’re publicly pulling for here at


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