Horse Sold at Auction Returns Home

by Jay Vannigan | September 27, 2012 4:20 AM

[1]Dixon, IL – A horse sold at a local auction– worth $775,000– returned from it’s new home to its former pastures in rural Dixon yesterday.  “We were cleaning out the rest of the items from the auction when we noticed “My God I am Good” running through the field. It was like a sunny day in June, but it’s September by golly.” said former employee, Junebug Pussywillow II.

The city has agreed to pay Marko Dontaglio, a local horse collector,  to return “My God I Am Good” to Kentucky. “Sometime a horse just needs to come home, like humans.  My God I Am Good is such a nice horse.” said Marko .

My God I Am Good is a well-known horse, too.  Why else would it cost close to a million dollars? An excerpt from the Kentucky Daily Buzzard reads:

A horse, driven by love, loyalty and the scent of the midwest air found it’s way back home in the dark, over miles of unchartered territory.

“My God I am Good,” a 2006 world champion stallion, was auctioned off on Sunday, Sept. 23rd in Dixon, Illinois. She was taken to Blue Ridge Kentucky, and placed on a farm with wonderful scenic valleys and rivers to look at. It only took her 24-36 hours to miss her pastures up north. She longed for Dixon, Illinois, with it’s magnificent Arch welcoming you , everyone, to the city. Nice generous, wealthy midwest folks like The Reagens greet the poor as they enter from afar.

My God I Am Good was unleashed, and instead of listening when her name was called, “she took off like a panther, or jaguar– whichever has the spots,” said her new owner, Hank Nelson Riley. Riley and his friends searched until dark with no sign of the Stallion.

“We came down and kind of fanned out across the area here,” said neighbor Demetrie Olfanson. “We ran around for a few hours calling “My God I am Good”‘s  name. We had fun even though we did not find the stallion.”

“My biggest concern while  she was lost was that where she was, there were wolves and wild packs of blood thirsty bald eagles that we fenda call the Kings of the Forest waiting to eat her,” warned Riley.  Riley decided to camp out that night, hoping the stallion might come trotting down the trail looking for a horsie snack.

“My God I am Good” had her own plan. She found her way over the hills, through the woods, over old Ford Pass, through fields and amber waves of grain some 400 miles back home to beautiful Dixon, IL.

3 days after she was sold in that horrible auction, she slipped in through the old gates and ran into her favorite field.

My God I Am Good is home again where she belongs.


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