Locals Ask Simple Question: “How Do Fires Start In Downtown Rockford Vacant Buildings?”

by Nate, Brother of Gene | June 28, 2017 12:33 PM


Downtown Rockford leaders (lol, wealthy white people with property development interests) have answered a tough, simple, fact-seeking question on the internet, “How do fires start?”  Before we reveal their answer, we have some facts provided to us by the NFPA regarding how fires start in vacant buildings.

The National Fire Protection Association provided this report based on a 2003-2006 Vacant Building Report for Causes of Fires:[2]

Downtown Rockford’s horrific 6/25 event has no cause of why the fire started, and city leaders have decided to bulldoze the remnants of the building.  Since there is no cause, and it’s appearing as if there will be no investigation, lol, can we add MICHAEL’S DRAGON MAGIC FIRE[9] to the list of causes for vacant building fires?  Sure.  In Rockford, just do whatever you want.  No one cares and don’t ask fair questions as simple as:  “How did the fire start?”

A dragon, duh.[10]




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