Rainbows Are Pretty

by Jay Vannigan | April 1, 2013 9:06 PM


ROCKFORD, IL –  What was thought to be a rainbow today was actually a ray of sun shining through the billowing clouds of the Bye-Ron Newclear Power plant. Some of our  loyal readers chimed in:

April 1 @ 8:37PM
I saw a huge one this afternoon, it was so beautiful and impressive, stretching a few miles acoss a valley here in Rockford…it’s like a brief incredible light show Byron puts on to remind us how fleeting beauty can be….and to appreciate it while it lasts and to think about the homeless man I wanted to buy a sandwich for but my husband said no.Nice blog.
April 1 @ 8:39PM
Yes, Byron Gave us sooooo many precious dying fish and diseased birds…including the Beauty of Color! The most simple and natural things are what we sometmes fail to see as the Most Beautiful and Awe empowering!
Thanks for the Rainbow!
April 1 @ 8:40PM
LorealThank You for the great response…. Yes Byron did and does give us many things that are taken for granted on a daily basis…Even the man made legends would not exist today if it weren’t for the wonderment of newclear reactors and shit.

Isn’t life GREAT !


April 1 @ 8:42PM
Like the Rolling Stones song goes “Shes like a rainbow.Colors everywhere.”
April 1 @ 8:44PM
My Rainbow Bridge adventure…I will never forget the day that I went along for a ride with a friend had a rainbow chase along an interstate bridge. After it happened I told him to bad we didn’t have a camera. Sure enough another friend on the other end of the city. Took a picture of this giant unbelievable Rainbow. Also to the Rolling Stones Guy, Suck it! Rainbow in the Dark from Ronnie James Dio is the best rainbow song ever.


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