The Silent Siren™ – Anger is Good, Rockford, There’s Not Enough of It

by Nate, Brother of Gene | December 20, 2013 11:50 AM

Rockford, IL – Dr. T.V. proposed one of my often shared thoughts on the big bad monster known as the Rockford on the internets this week. Here is an excerpt from the Dr.’s thoughts:  “… I have a right to express a dissenting opinion. I’d say a responsibility, but that sounds self-agrandizing. I don’t like the way Rockford works. I think the mediocre is promoted and rewarded, and I think the exceptional leaves.”   Yes, Doctor, this sentiment is a fact and not an opinion.  Let us now bow down and give thanks  to the internet, the Rockford, and Dr. T.V. in 1,000 words or less–about 828 to be exact.

Dr. T.V.

My company staff, including me, have been burned more than once by the same community leaders and ra-ra-ra individuals pretending to do ‘positive’ in the public light. They are great at being good people with bad ethics, which works very, very well in Rockford. It’s not their fault. They’ve been conditioned to behave as such because they don’t know better. What they do know is that their amateur ways works well here for them. They can’t make it work anywhere else which is why we’re an insulated city: “Keep I-90 out. Build NIU elsewhere, etc., ” the list is too long to modify attitudes and opinions at this point in our city’s history.

The wrong people are always in charge because the right people don’t have the wealth or the property to skew the city’s landscape.

Damage is already done; and much of those behaviors are rooted in downtown Rockford. If I ever need to see a bunch of community leaders doing nothing and talking about doing something, head to Octane or Wired–the hornets’  nests–any day of the week at any time.

There is a different, real, original way to screw people over in broad daylight. It’s funny to think about all the efforts to bring Rockford’s economic focus back downtown when they spent decades insuring it exists elsewhere. It’s absolutely pathetic if not historically funny.

Add insults to more injuries; the pillaging of the arts communities for socio-psychological civic assistance is equally offensive. GREAT IDEA: Ask the artists to help, the poorest of the bunch. The amount of favors that those running operations in downtown Rockford expect from the creative class is criminal. Jesus Correa has the balls, but the arts community is loaded with teste-less creatures. They’ve been sold a carrot on a string by hillbillies in bergners suits who hide the idea of a bag of money for their time and work.

What many of those ra-ra-corrupt-wealthy hillbillies fail to do is clean up their mess and make things right when they screw creative people over; they leave smoke trails and proof of their sh!ttiness back to them. They can’t see it coming back around until it’s too late because they are blinded by their own pride and righteousness. A lifetime of creating paybacks requires equal amounts of patience, vitriol, recklessness and creative conscience. Those who feel as if they’re being attacked when a difference of opinions regarding Rockford’s direction is presented might want to check the mirror first.

People get what they deserve, ultimately, and this is why Rockford is in the condition its in; from true and sad facts to polarizing and complacent attitudes, to opportunities and the lack of more options to a better way of life.

It’s not a current situation, this is a five decade regional decay that peaked with national coverage implying with facts how pathetic the city has become in every liveable way possible to have a better future. Many of us already lived in the facts, our families losing jobs decades ago. Rockford business leaders selling the jobs away to another country or state to protect their portfolios.

The wrong people have been rewarded for too long, bottom line. They should expect a revolt by an extremely massacred middle class at this point, not a simple request and compromise to believe in ourselves. Pathetic marketing efforts, but people are so beaten they’ll eat it up just to hang onto one little sliver of hope.

Anger is good, and there’s not enough of it. It’s as if people are afraid, don’t care, or are too poor to get angry anymore because they spent all their emotions in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Can the youth do anything? No. They’re jaded and self-entitled because they’ve been conditioned as such. Rockford has a chance for a rebound but it will take another five decades to rebuild what the last 5 destroyed.  We will be dead or defying science in warmer weather and nicer roads.

Well, Dr., everyone should sit back and enjoy the show at this point because it’s going to get worse here in the Forest City. The Dixon / Rita Crundwell scandal is childs play compared to what’s brewing in this town, right in front of everyones eyes.

You will learn more when we know less™–the silent siren,

Chief Tchad Beale


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