Tony B’s Bread House Replaces Starbucks On East State St. In Early April

Tony B’s Bread House Replaces Starbucks On East State St. In Early April
Tony B's Bread opens up shop on East State in Rockford.

Tony B’s Bread opens up shop on East State in Rockford.

Rockford IL – Tony B’s Bread House is slated to open early this spring at the closed Starbucks location on East State Street.   A shanty town of tents and tin roof huts have already been lining up in front of the building which will open on April 4, 2014.  Tony B’s will provide free bread for 15 years to the first rich or unemployed person  that can afford to take off three months of work to camp out.

Tony B’s is known for their “bread fusion,” an innovative scientific twist on traditional bread recipes.  Bread fusion includes midwestern bread favorites like “White,” and “Toasted White,” plus “Wheat.”   They’ll even be experimenting with crazy variations like “Oat” and “Oat-Nut.”

“Wheat water hydro gastronomy.  That’s what we do,” said Tony B’s founder, Tony B.

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– Ron Kites

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