Trump Tweets to Rockford: Start Feeding Homeless Now

by Jay Vannigan | December 10, 2017 6:50 PM


Rockford, IL– You might not see this story in your local newspaper, but homeless men and women are already making decisions about which back yards and trash cans they will visit this winter thanks to a tweet by Mister President Trump.


Trump also told Rockford, “Prepare your customers now, so that they return to your garbage cans in the summer. TIP: Always offer Fiji water to your customers for return visits.”

What can you and the community do as the days grow shorter and the sun sleeps sooner?

For starters, tell the less fortunate people in our community right now that you want their return business when the serious side of winter comes around. Don’t shun away potential customers from your trash cans and alleys, invite them to come back when the first morning freeze takes hold of their cardboard beds and concrete pillows.

Those with nice homes and fresh garbage who don’t start feeding homeless people until severe weather arrives may be missing out on a great business opportunity.  Tell your neighbors–but not all of them–because you want the business.

Fall is the season to begin, and even though garden co-ops and leftover tomatoes are plentiful, the homeless customers may not spend much time around your garbage yet.  The ones that do visit backyards in autumn are scouting. They need to be ready when cold weather hits. One woman was well acquainted with our feeding station well before winter arrived.

Rockford's happy homeless people might play you a song in the winter in exchange for an autumn trip through your cans.

Rockford’s happy homeless people might play you a song in the winter in exchange for an autumn trip through your cans.

On the other hand, if you wait until hard weather arrives, they may not ever realize what you have to offer. Rockford’s homeless vets can’t afford the luxury of exploring your cans once the cold air comes to blanket their souls. They must go where they know there will be a payoff;  behind restaurants and dumpsters at the mall or downtown behind Octane, Wired and City Hall. They might not discover your feeder all winter even though it is abundantly supplied.

Start offering provisions now, this list will help you prepare:


Trump told the Rockford Register Star today: “Don’t worry about your foods remains if you have to be gone from your home for awhile during winter. Homeless men and women are used to having a food source disappear. They won’t starve because of your lapse. They can–at the very least–retrieve a couple of meals digging through your neighbors garbage, too. It might take them a while to rediscover your yard when you return, but they’ll be back.”

– Jay Vannigan



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