Where’s Rick? There’s Larry! #2

by Nate, Brother of Gene | November 14, 2012 7:00 AM

Rick Nielsen

Sighting provided by Kraig Nichols, Rockford, IL:

“Spotted Rick this morning at the Stop-N-Go on North Main Street.  It looked like he had a bottle of YooHoo in his hands.  I waited behind him in line for quite awhile.  He bought some lottery tickets, too, and made small talk with Leona.  She’s the nicest.  I think Rick thought so, too. They were so nice to each other and she wished him good luck on his lotto numbers.  I tried to ask him what numbers he picked before he turned to leave and he said, “I’ll tell you if you split your winnings with me?”  We laughed.  I am at work right now.  I told everyone I saw Rick at Stop-N-Go and they were like, NO WAY DUDE.”

Larry Morrissey

Sighting provided by Don Kneemon, Rockford, IL:


(Photo of Larry Enjoying Coffee and Phone at Wired Cafe Provided Graciously by Don Kneemon)

“I was enjoying a nice Wednesday morning last week. I woke up early at about four a.m..  I grabbed my fishing pole, through it in my big black Ford truck, and headed to my favorite spot.  I’d like to tell you but it’s a fishing man’s secret.  I will tell you this:  There are great spots in Cherry Valley, IL. My friend has a back yard on the river there, I fish there. Many people do.  I like the bridge out there, too, near the Baseball Tap.  Sometimes I see people drinking under the bridge if the bar’s not open.

So,  at six o’ clock a.m., I drove on over across town to St. Peter’s Cathedral church in Rockford for morning mass.  I try and go at least three to four times a week, especially after fishing.  I wasn’t having a very good morning by the time mass was over and the sun was up.  I was like, “What the hell am I going to do now?”  I went back home and made some coffee but I slipped on the water– it was terrible.  

So, I grabbed my keys and headed downtown to Wired Cafe in Rockford, IL.  I like it there, I see everyone– and there he was, Larry!  I said, “Hi Larry!”, and sat down across from him to take some pictures with my iPhone.  I acted like I was playing “Angry Birds” on my iPhone–wow, what a fun game–but I wasn’t. I take pictures of everyone, every where, it’s my hobby.  I like photos. Rockford is a great place to be a photographer. Today, though, I scored a nice photo.  Some days I don’t.  

Maybe I’ll catch a fish tomorrow because today was a bust.”

This concludes week two’s local celebrity sightings of Rick and Larry.  Click here to catch up on all sightings of Rick and Larry.[2]

Where's Rick?  There's Larry!  (Photo of Rick Nielsen and Larry Morrissey By Nels Akerlund)[3]

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George Brawn, Entertainment Reporter, RKFDNews.com

Where’s Rick? There’s Larry! is a weekly column presented by RKFDNews.com entertainment reporter, George Brawn. It’s centered around the whereabouts of celebrity sightings of local superstars, Mayor Larry Morrissey and Rick Nielsen. Brawn collects natives’ emails, peasants’ phone calls, savages’ text messages and weirdos’ undercover photos about where Rick and Larry have been.  If you have a sighting of Larry and Rick– or, you’re a local business that wants to advertise your business or government agency in conjunction with having $erved these local celebrities please report your awesome Rick and Larry experience to George, now:  Click here.



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