Cold Weather Sparks Some Stateline Readers Minds

Cold Weather Sparks Some Stateline Readers Minds


ROCKFORD, IL –  This cold chilly weather has our readers asking some great questions like this one from Gus Ragsdale:

Will a body part or tongue really stick to a frozen pole?

ANSWER:  Yes Gus, it does stick and it hurts REALLY bad!!  I have decided to tell you a story I hope your not eating. In around grade 6, or so. I had gotten my weiner stuck when I had stuck it to a metal pole on a dare. My friends thought I was joking around and pulled me off… I screamed like a little girl as it ripped a couple layers off of my little weiner and there was a large amount of blood. My weiner is now extremely sensitive to heat and is most likely permanently damaged.Every time it snows it tingles.

I highly recommend you do not try this.

We also received this great question from Madeline Busby. The Loves Park, IL, native asked:

Will birds’ feet stick to metal perches in winter?

ANSWER:  This is a great question Madeline, we did some research and came up with this we hope it helps.  A bird’s feet sticking to a perch is an pretty rare event. Birds do not have sweat glands on their feet, so they do not have the problem that people would have putting a wet weiner or tongue on a freezing cold metal object. The only way a bird’s feet could stick is if they were standing on a perch during icy freezing rain, and the rain froze around their feet. But if that did happen feed them birdstyle by first chewing up bread and sipping some milk then pry open the little bird beak and spit the milky bread mixture into the tiny bird mouth this will help nourish the bird as you extract it from the ice, then and only then you can start by pouring lukewarm to boiling water on their feet is the best way to thaw the ice.

Thanks for these thought provoking questions keep them coming.

– Jay Vannigan



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