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Oldest North American Tree Accidentally Discovered in Rockford

Rockford, IL – The City of Rockford’s Parks and Recreation Department (RPRD) accidentally discovered another reason to label our region “The Forest City“:  A Giant Sequoia tree was removed from the property currently occupied by Portillo’s during it’s construction in early 2015.

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Harlem Road Toll Bridge Reopens With Portillo’s Drive-Thru Spring 2016

Machesney Park, IL – The Harlem Road Toll Bridge is being reinstalled come spring 2016.  The once-avoided toll bridge will begin construction to re-add it in mid-January, 2016, with an expected finish of May, 2016. Machesney Park sources have stated that

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Beephatillo’s – New Rockford Restaurant to Fulfill Voters’ Beef and Pork Demands

Rockford, IL – Our staff here at rkfdnews.com has decided to open up its own Rockford area fat food restaurant, Beephatillo’s. Please help us make our local mystery train, hotel and casino dreams come true by buying one of our artist series

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Rockford Shows Up To Eat Beef; Locals Still Can’t Find Reasons to Vote

Rockford, IL – To those of you who have been contemplating about stopping by the new Portillo’s on East State Street:  Don’t wait. Part of the joy in going now and waiting in a long line (inside or in the

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Live Coverage of Portillo’s Opening in Rockford Thrills Local TV Watchers, Fast Food Enthusiasts, Beef & Pork Advocates, Stay At Home Moms, Unemployed Dads, Sleeping College Grads and Welfare Recipients

Rockford, IL – June 9th, 2015, will be remembered as a historic day for the community of Rockford, IL.  After years of praying and begging for a quality fast food restaurant, the community’s wishes were answered.  Portillo’s, the famous Chicagoland

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Portillo’s Rally Largest Political Event In City History

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Rating: 4.2

Rockford, IL –  The Transfat Rockford Group is holding a “Visioning Rally and Eat-in” today in Sinnissippi Park.  As of print time, over 11,000 activists, beef enthusiasts, and type 2 diabetics carrying signs and wearing oversized t-shirts reading things such

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