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Community Speaks Up After Transform Rockford Vision Rally

Rockford, IL – The community felt something strong last night, and a few members of our staff were there to take it all in before spitting it back out for you.  Transform Rockford, which is now an established non-profit organization (and slowly establishing itself as

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Photo Gallery – RKFDnews Sponsors Transform RKFD Event

Rockford, IL – RKFDNews.com was proud to host this past weekend’s successful community event for “Transform RKFD.”  All in all it was a major success.  Ideas were discussed and further actions to talk a bit more about the next stages

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Heartland’s Stroll On State Event Brings Record Crowd To Downtown Rockford

ROCKFORD, IL – Downtown Rockford held its debut Heartland Stroll On State event on Saturday evening. A record crowd of at least 90,000 people attended, but according to Our City Our Story, only 30,000 people attended based on their “unconfirmed conservative

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Lady Arrested For Poisoning Family With Homemade Lasagna

Rockford, IL –  Ginger Bred, 51 year old mother of three and once-proud wife of her husband John Bred, was arrested for poisoning her family with homemade lasagna this week.  Mrs. Bred is currently being institutionalized in Joliet, IL because

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Local Church Has Huge Marketing Department, Local Ad Firm Owners React Violently

Rockford, IL – Local community church and cafe, Heart Lung Inc., showed off their huge creative department team on the popular public forum for sharing free info on the internet, Facebook. Today at a random hour, the church showed off

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Meet The Falsteems – Beautiful Family Enjoys Breakfast Downtown

Rockford, IL – Beatrice Falsteem and her husband Jerry woke up to surprise the kids.  “I said to Jerry last night, if the weather is nice, let’s take the kids downtown to eat breakfast and maybe visit a bookstore afterwards.”

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