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Chinese Currency to Replace American Dollar in Rockford and Winnebago County

Rockford, IL – City of Rockford’s council voted to replace the American dollar currency in exchange for the Chinese Renminbi (REN) Yuan currency.  A new currency designed by Chinese economic consultants for our county–Yuan Schwen Ren Barry–has been introduced to assist

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School Board Dividing New Mega Schools According to Nationality for Rick Springfield’s Efficiency

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Rockford, IL – RPS205309 (the Rockford Public School District) representatives have been trying to explain to the community that the recent announcement of 9 schools being closed in the next year will be better for efficiency stuff and things, stats,

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9 Schools and 2 Grocery Stores Closing Replaced by 3 Fast Food Restaurant Dreams

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Rockford, IL – The community of Rockford in Illinois has rallied behind terrible (but funny) recent news this month that nine public schools and two corporate Schnucks (formerly the locally owned Loglis and Hilander) grocery stores are closing by thinking

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Locals Protest Free Parenting Classes

Rockford, IL – A large crowd of 70,000 misinformed Rockford area parents of all shapes and sizes, single and nuclear, gathered outside of the RPS205 building in downtown Rockford to protest free parenting classes being offered by the City of

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REA (Rockford Education Association) Plot Next Teachers Strike

Rockford, IL – The city’s largest employer, RPS205 (Rockford Public School District 205), have been pretty quiet since their last strike in 2011.  The Chicago Teachers strike in 2012 caused many to act out in jealousy which we covered, click

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Rockford Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization Poll

Rockford Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization Poll  April 10, 2013 (Rock Valley University) Continuing Ed. Class 217 Interactive Pull Pads Polling  Active Participants: 48  1.) In general, how satisfied are you with current conditions and upkeep of downtown?    Responses  Percent

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