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Pokemon GO Blamed For Rockford’s Webcam Porn Industry Layoffs

[Thank you to Josh M. of Rockford, IL, for emailing us this noose-story.] Rockford, IL — Several of Rockford’s local webcam “porn star” ladies are out of work due to Pokemon GO.  Mass layoffs are being reported all over Rockford and on the

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Local Newspaper Features 14 Job Openings To Close Out 2014’s Transformation

Rockford, IL – Job openings were on the up in 2014 as Rockford businesses enjoyed transforming their slowly growing profits into more job opportunities for local people. Today’s Sunday Job Section, the last of 2014, featured at least 14 or more

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Rockford Aldermen Vote To Forgive Student Loans Acquired By Anyone Born in Rockford after 1968

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Rockford, IL – Anyone with student loans living as a citizen in the Rockford, IL and Winnebago County region are getting a pass from Rockford’s 13 Aldermen. As of Monday night, June 2nd, 2014, anyone born after 1968 who has

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Transform Rockford Hosts Shovel and Greet Job Fair on Saturday

Rockford, IL – The City’s Public Works Department is hosting a job fair this Saturday at 7am for local job seekers in its basement. Local employers, as well as regional and national and international employers are forecasted to attend, featuring

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Johnny Emerald the IIIrd Releases New Song “No Jobs In Rockford Anymore”

Rockford, IL –Johnny Emerald the IIIrd is a self taught song writer, poet, and musician from Rockford, IL who also happens to live on the streets that he sings about.  Below is the newest song from Johnny, “No Jobs In Rockford

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Free Labor Jobs Disguised as “Volunteer” Positons Discovered In Hopeless, Poor, Unemployed City

Rockford, IL –  Local businesses are finally seeking qualified individuals for filling job positions again. A few job requirement catches you must fulfill:  You must have a great attitude, hard work ethics, abilities to smile through snow and rain, know

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