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Local Newspaper Features 14 Job Openings To Close Out 2014’s Transformation

Local Newspaper Features 14 Job Openings To Close Out 2014’s Transformation

Jobs-Rockford_Transform-ThisRockford, IL – Job openings were on the up in 2014 as Rockford businesses enjoyed transforming their slowly growing profits into more job opportunities for local people.

Today’s Sunday Job Section, the last of 2014, featured at least 14 or more exciting job openings in all industries.  Our staff last counted at least one to two dozen job openings, but discrepancies in specific job opening details led us to believe that maybe you might not have your CDL License to operate that fucking truck that needs a another delivery driver.

Our cousins, Terry and Rob, both are truck drivers, told us at iHop Restaurant today, “The last few drivers hired were eventually fired for confusing their Master’s degrees with CDL Certificates to pay their bills. Oh well. Someone pass us the maple syrup, please?

Terry and Rob confirmed that Transform Rockford (the popular grass-roots, non-profit, marketing group founded by millionaires and company CEOs with community minded poor folks to qualify for federal grants being handed out to very poor American cities needing more money to waste on hopes and dreams being paid for by Obama’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities plan which conveniently named Rockford as one of 7 American cities in January 2014 that was so poor it needed money, which ties in perfectly to Transform Rockford’s existence in the Rockford region as ANOTHER non-profit aimed at helping the community STAY POSITIVE with stuff, vision, data and clever marketing to fool poor people into believing anything) has helped the truck driving industry boost its job openings.

Terry and Rob, Cousins

We don’t know how or why, but truck driving jobs are on the up. Thank you, Transform Rockford,” said cousins Terry and Rob during Sunday breakfast at iHop this morning. Cousins Terry and Rob enjoy looking for new truck driving jobs during breakfast at iHop in beautiful, happy Rockford, IL.

The quarter page of job listings should help boost employment rates in the Rockford region as we enter 2015 and continue to Transform Rockford one pleasant thought and another 12 page newspaper section at a time.  Better, more, quality job listings are available online in other cities and states.

Buy our debut book, Believe, on Amazon now!  It was made without taking anyone else's time and money away from them in the city of rockford, IL!

Buy our debut book, Believe, on Amazon now! It was made without taking anyone else’s time and money away from them – right here in the city of Rockford, IL, where everyone expects a handout to make their downtown business dreams come true!

Out with the old news, in with the noose:  You will never be able to learn more until you choose to know less.  Meanwhile, we wrote a book in 2014 with no money or support: What the f**k did you do besides conducting more meetings and town forums to discuss visioning, train station hope, sports complex stuff, asbestos filled historical buildings and story telling (at the tax-payers expense), Rockford?

Dr. Gilbert Grebner,
Ph.D. – Internet

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