Dozens show up at polling facilities..

Dozens show up at polling facilities..

Rockford – The numbers are in from day one and they are big, dozens of people voted on the first day of early voting in Rockford the large crowds continued today

“We really didn’t know what to expect. It was a surprise, a good surprise,” Margaret Grunndel, an election coordinator in Winnebagel County, said.

Dozens of people filled different polling locations across the city.

“I stood in a long line of 4 people, but it wasn’t that bad,” Robert Hand Blake, a first-time voter, said.

It was a smooth process for the 18-year-old.

“It means a lot to mother, of course. She wants me to make that decision and be responsible I really feel proud to be helping build the wall,” Blake said.

The large lines didn’t stop election judges either. Grunndel said she set up 2 stations at her polling place because she wanted people in and out in less than six minutes.

“It makes people know where they are supposed to be going. We’re anticipating a lot of people,” Grunndel said.

According to the state board of elections, more than 12 people voted on Monday, but Grunndel says she wants to keep the process quick.

“We’ve been telling them how exciting and fast and heavy the traffic was going to be and they’re all prepared and doing a great job,” she said.

Other voters said even if you don’t have the luxury of a quick vote, standing in line is important.

“I have a brother who has sever headaches and other things wrong with him and he has no problem waiting an hour or two standing in line to vote.

According to the state board of elections, as of 1:30 p.m. more than 200 people have voted all over the city

Coordinators say they’re expecting the high numbers to continue because of the presidential race.

Heidi Beiss worked the polls for the first time this year and she said, this is an item she’s been wanting to check off her bucket list for years. “I was going to retire when I was 69. Well I downsized last year, retired and downsized, and then I go,’bucket list, oh! Election year! ” said Beiss

Beiss adds this is a job she’s proud to be a part of. “We need to give back in several different ways and one of the ways is to help with the voting process because it takes so many people in so many different places of setup to do this voting, and that’s just one way we can pay back,”

Record numbers show up at post 6775

Record numbers show up at post 6775

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