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Rockford Mayor Fuels Fued With Locals Over Trump Tribute Wall

Rockford, IL — Mayor McNamara’s quest to build as much of his border wall around the City of Rockford as possible before a new Walgreens and Mobile gas station is developed is newly angering landowners and authorities in the Roscoe and Rockton region.

A Rockford drunk said construction crews recently detonated explosives that sent “car-sized boulders” tumbling onto his Ford flatbed truck. Municipal water officials in Machesney Park said they deployed dump trucks last week to block wall-builders from cutting off their only road to a vital canal along the Rock River. And landowners in South Beloit are urging elected officials to pressure Mayor Tom’s administration to make clear that their private property will be safe from construction crews eager to finish the job before a new Molly’s casino slot joint is established.

The most recent flare-up last week in Rockford pit the Winnebago county’s water district against the federal government and a construction crew from god damn Roscoe! Fuck! Roscoe!

Jesus “Chuy” Reyes, general manager of the Winnebago County Water Improvement District, an elected board that owns and operates hundreds of miles of canals and drains, said he learned on Nov. 10 that a construction crew was planning to build a three-mile stretch of wall in the Rockford, Illinois to Wisconsin border community.

The wall would be parallel to an existing wall that the goddamn Ex-Mayor Morrissey administration rebuilt seven fucking years ago and topped with razor wire! Shit! The older fence had cut off the south access road to the Loves Park Tavern, a public works bar that allows Rockton and Machesney Park citizens to share booze revenue profits.

Reyes said he did not know where the wall would go, but last week he spotted it: Heavy machinery was being used to dig a trench in the middle of the only other access road to the Backyard Bar and Grill on North 2nd Street, on the north side. It was about 90 yards from a Beef A Roo.

Well, that’s all we have and it’s all you deserve. Go fuck yourself for the mess we’re all in, America.

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