The Beauty of Barry: Sweet Peas

The Beauty of Barry:  Sweet Peas

Hi, it’s me again, Rockford.  I am a very handsome man living in an ugly town.  Let me share another secret for pouty lips:

Sweet Peas.

Sweet Peas

Barry Seversyn is a good-looking man living in an ugly town. Seversyn is a caucasian, Swedish man born in Rockford, IL who’s often praised for his great skin, slender physique, wealth and knowledge of staying sexy and feeling, looking, and tasting good in tough times. Stevenson is a guest columnist for,, and His handome features and sexy personality is worshiped by all locals, including; poor people, ladies, mothers, fathers, priests and nums, and a few domestic animals have stopped in their tracks to acknowledge his natural beauty.

My girlfriends ask me all the time, “Oh my God, Barry, your lips are so pouty and sweet! Wow, they taste like peas, OMG, you are very delicious.  What in the world is your secret?”

Thank you for wondering.  A can of sweet peas keeps my lips tasting juicy and looking pouty.

Many people prefer injecting botox or animal fat into their lips every few months.  Those avenues take lots of money and can swell up your face.

My solution is cheap and delicious with catches:  You’ll need to inject sweet peas into your lips every day.  You should tell your doctor first you’re going to do this to yourself.  If you proceed to inject sweet peas into your lips with my beauty tips advice contained within this article, I am not responsible for any accidents, sicknesses, constant swelling, allergic reactions, penile dysfunctions, blurriness, knee jerking, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pains, face twitches, ear aches, bleeding gums, and anything that would cause your body to malfunction–and in the worst possible situation, death– to the point that you need medical assistance.

Some people are born beautiful without health concerns, that’s me.

On average, one can of sweet peas will get you through the week.  Budget for 4 cans a month and clean hypodermic needles with a syringe for each injection.  If you desire a delicious, jumbo, pouty lips look, up your can budget and inject as many sweet peas into your lips on a daily basis.

“Does it hurt, Barry?”

The first week will hurt, but try to inject in different spots of your lips each time. Never forget to use clean needles as well.

“How do I inject sweet delicious peas into my lips?”

Stuff your syringe with sweet peas.  It is important to choose the proper syringe for the administration of injectable sweet peas into your lips.  Shove those little green balls of beauty into your lips.  You determine how pouty your lips will be with delicious sweet peas.

Take it from a handsome man who’s always willing to share a few beauty secrets with ladies and other walks of life. Good looking means good eating and good sleeping. Please take care of yourselves on the outsides first with little things like sweet pea injections, and let the insides follow your good-looks into the afterlife. Til next time.

Barry Seversyn

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