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FBI Finally Ranks Rockford #1 as Most Dangerous American City — Congrats!

(Image Courtesy of Alexbaumgarner via Wikimedia Commons) Rockford, IL — The FBI’s 2016-2016 Uniform Crime Report was released this week. Rockford, Illinois is now the #1 most Dangerous American city based on crimes being committed with a population of 200,00 Geese

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Harry The Bunny

woke up in rockford at around 3:15am last night. my tummy hurt. tried to sleep it off but was thirsty.  walked around the house with a nice warm glass of water. not feeling so parched at that point so I

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Man Eats Llama Renames Himself

4.1 out of 5
Rating: 4.1

Beloit, WI – A man from Beloit survived a Red Winged Black Bird attack and months lost in the South Beloit forest Preserve thanks to his faithful companion, a pet Llama named “Linda.”  However, the llama didn’t make it out alive

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Teen Forced Down, Tattooed Against Will

Rockford, IL – A gang of ex-teachers and laid off factory workers shocked a teenager with a tazerstick and tattooed “Rockford” on his forehead in a sickening attack.  Edward “Eddie” Edwardson, 18, was left for dead by the gang who also

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Local Man Wakes Up Happy After Years of Bending Over For Rockford Area Morons

Rockford, IL –  This is a story of hope, change and progress for all Rockfordians considering a major change and move.  Lawrence Egon Spengler, 34, was named after his father’s favorite Ghostbuster, played by Harold Ramis in the popular 1980s

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Teenager hangs on to fence

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