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Kansas, Wilco, and Hanley Building Family Come Together For Concert Benefit Event

Kansas, Wilco, and Hanley Building Family Come Together For Concert Benefit Event

Kansas (the state’s marching band) and Rockford area natives, Wilco, will perform a benefit concert for the Hanley Building on Oct 1 at the first annual 2017 Rockford Area Cheap Trick Music Celebration Symbol Festival.

(Capturing Gorak’s dragon, Michael, remains downtown’s focus during these dark summer days.)

RACVB announced the 2 Day Cheap Trick Music Festival last year. True, click here.  The community forgot about it as did the media, but we didn’t, because we’re on to their marketing games.  All paid for, not ours.  (SymbolFest was free!) Lol. Unknown circumstances—God’s wrath, Gorak’s dragon, poor finances, false promises, marketing smoke and mirror tactics—popped up to prevent the city from actually pulling off what they preemptively promoted in the spring of 2016.  A question still remains:  Who was actually paid to come up with the fictional Cheap Trick event to market to the public?  Mysteries are the magic that transforms a city into a playground.

MyStateline (WTVO/WQRF)

Proof #2 (RRSTAR)

Gorak’s influence is strong! Insert sad face emoji: (

A committee comprised of representatives from RACVB’s Cheap Trick Fest, and Rockford City Council members unanimously voted to approve a merger with the area’s popular Labor Day event, SYMBOL FEST.

Together the festival planners promise to give downtown Rockford what it deserves: ______________ (insert this word, “nothing”.)

Words cannot describe how devastating the effects of this vacant building fire are to the friends and families of the Hanley Building Family. There will be many vigils and memorials at the building’s site for people to process their grief.

We here at RKFDNEWS Provolone Ferni Ristorante Cucina Køk® must come together to support each other, especially the owner of the building who is currently suffering beyond words, and with community members in need of support both financially and spiritually.

Everyone is donating 100% of their time, talents, and internet resources while taking no money for their involvement with every proceed earned from profits after expenses of the event going to Transform Rockford in order to rebuild the building that Gorak’s dragon burned down on 6/25.  It was a sad day. A day that will remain in our prayers.

There were so many wonderful musicians and artists that wanted to be involved in this event, and we are here to help them. Friends, bandmates, partners, lovers, artistic collaborators, animals, opponents of Gorak’s dragon, God and his angels, Beef a Roo representatives and Jimmy John owning entrepreneurs who are currently too preoccupied with grieving and consoling each other to perform or be in public will be in our prayers.


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