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Rockford Authorities Bust Major Goose-Fighting Pit

Rockford, IL — Rockford area authorities took steps to shut down a goose fighting pit in the basement of City Hall on Friday afternoon after multiple undercover investigations by RDP (Rick’s Dream Police) and the RGA (The Rockford Goose Alliance) revealed criminal

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Transform Rockford: Ideas For License Plate Protection – Dream Police Warns Public to Protect License Plates

Rockford, IL – RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) released a public service announcement this past week warning residents to protect their license plates.  Nells Lazlo, a spokesperson from Transform Rockford and the RKFDP, says “This is the kind of support we need

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Rockford Dream Police Shoot Dog and Kill Cat

ROCKFORD, IL –  RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers shot a cute dog and killed an extremely fertile cat on West State Street.  No other information is available. You will know more when we know less. – Ron Kites  

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Crime Prevention Carp Language Discovered

Rockford, IL – Imagine two carp swimming in the Mighty Rock River. You hear a series of clicks, whistles and whines coming from each; much like a conversation in Dolphin language.  It seems one carp can call another carp specifically by

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Mayor Breaks 4th Wall From Attic, But Makes Possible Movie Starring Police & Neighbors

ROCKFORD, IL — Even the mayor can have trouble getting police to arrest innocent people in his neighborhood.  After months and months of call-ins with no shows from the RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police), Mayor Barry Morrisson went to his attic

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Poor Child Speared by RKFDP SWAT Team

Rockford, IL – Members of the RKFDP SWAT (Rockford Dream Police Department’s School-Yard Whoop Ass Team) TEAM surrounded a home on Hamster Circle near Finkleton Middle School Sunday afternoon. Officers said they were trying to negotiate with an armed child barricaded inside

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