Mayor Breaks 4th Wall From Attic, But Makes Possible Movie Starring Police & Neighbors

Mayor Breaks 4th Wall From Attic, But Makes Possible Movie Starring Police & Neighbors
Mayor Barry Morrisson of Rockford, IL surveys the neighbors.  He accidentally photographs and video captures their working class behaviors at night.

Mayor Barry Morrisson of Rockford, IL surveys the neighbors during daylight. Morrisson spends his nights shooting material for the RKFDP. A few suspects he shot with his smart phone were innocent. The footage is being assembled for a possible upcoming movie by the famous filmmaker, Terrel Carrola.  Carrola is a Nashville, TN, native who received a 240k grant from the City of Rockford’s R.A.A.A.C. (Rockford Area Anti-Arts Council) to produce a nice piece for the Beloit International Film Festival.

ROCKFORD, IL — Even the mayor can have trouble getting police to arrest innocent people in his neighborhood.  After months and months of call-ins with no shows from the RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police), Mayor Barry Morrisson went to his attic and started taking pictures with his AndroIphone of a suspected drug dealer and prostitute living across the street–or so he thought.

“My 1080 pixel wide pictures and video captures got the round object rolling, but ultimately it came down to Sgt.Redd Carlton and his lunch buddies.  Boy oh boy did they kick that front door open.  Sgt. RC ran into the house swinging his baton and spraying mace and bullets all over the house to finally get the two suspects to surrender,” Morrisson said.

Morrison may have broken the fourth wall with his new smart phone but the two suspects have been found innocent. Surrounding neighbors are not happy.

“Nuh uh, no he dih int,” said Willie Raindolps, a neighbor.  “Uh huh, yez he dih,” said Sherrie Rainndolps, Willie’s wife.

The suspect male, Henry Walker The IIIrd, was working weird hours at a local car lot, and got home at a different time each night–sometimes driving a different car.  Walker the IIIrd told us, “So the Mayor probably saw me from his attic and phone and felt suspicious.” His live-in girlfriend, Nancy Gearhart, walks down the block and back several times a day as part of her physical therapy from a tragic car accident she was involved in last year.

Sgt. Carlson implied that “Mayor Morrisson probably saw Ms.Gearhart walking the block and thought she was a dirty hooker.  That happens a lot with call-ins.  We’re too short-stafffed to care most days.  If it’s serious, they’ll call back or leave a message.”

The mayor mentioned that “It took months of being my own make-believe detective and videographer to get movement from the department. I am thinking of editing the clips I have with the help of  a wonderful Nashville based, ad firm videographer, Terrell Carolla.  He received a 240k grant from the City of Rockford’s R.A.A.A.C. (Rockford Area Anti-Arts Council) to try and produce a nice piece for the Beloit International Film Festival. Trying is half the battle.  We hope we can turn it into a short film and enter the BIFF (Beloit International Film Festival) next year. Or–I don’t know–maybe I’ll be a hockey player if the final cut blows the budget and we shelve it.  I can do whatever I want and so can you if you didn’t know.  Know about it.”

Mayor Barry is right on.  I wanted to do something neat today and it was easy.  I am producing t-shirts with really nice, happy, positive slogans on them that make my Grandmama smile. One of them says, “Make Rockford Pretty, Spend Money.”  I showed my friends in the newsroom and our editor Mr. Beale said, “This is neat.  I am so happy you’re living your dreams out here. You should make commercials with a video camera about businesses selling stuff to help the city feel better.”  I am going to!

More on this and other exciting stories when we finish milking the cattle’s nipples and giving the pigs a bath only to discover that we are truly bored.  The chickens are loose again, ugh. BRB.  TTYL.

– Jay Vannigan

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