RKFDP Officers and Fox Standoff Ends In Sticky Situation

RKFDP Officers and Fox Standoff Ends In Sticky Situation

Fox vs. Rockford Dream Police Officers Ends in Sticky Situation

Rockford, IL –  A very sticky situation went down in Rockford last night. A Fox defending himself with his gluegun was fatally shot by RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers following a standoff in the far west side early Monday morning. The incident started just after 11:30 p.m. Sunday night when the 53-year-old Fox bit a family member at their den in the 10800 block of Fangor Street, just a bit away from Kinnickinickinick Intermediate School.

Authorities were told that the Fox had locked himself in a den with firearms and refused to come out. RKFDP officers spoke to the fox via local fox interpreter, Gerry Houndstooth III, who said that he wanted the officers to leave the residence or he would spray glue all over them. Police believed that the fox would shoot glue at them and possibly outsmart them if they did not comply with real bullets, so they followed his instructions for a short while.

The fox’s wife, Sheila, and two teenage sons, Steve and Jack, were able to get out of the den safely. They told RKFDP officers that the fox had pointed his glue gun at them and bit them repeatedly while aruging earlier in the day about an undercooked rabbit. The argument finally reached a point where the family decided that calling 911 was the best option.

After the initial responding, officers had left the home.  Additional authorities arrived on the scene and attempted to get the fox to exit peacefully, but a standoff ensued over the next four hours with the fox asking smart, witty and sometimes sly questions, to RKFDP officers. The fox eventually did come outside waving several weapons in the air like he just did not care . He refused to put them down and, at one point, RKFDP officers said that he raised one up into the air. It was at this time that the fox was shot by an officer.

Eighteen local witnesses including the Fox’s wife and sons say the weapons were actually two loaded hot glueguns.  The RKFDP has no response about the weapons claim but we are investigating it because it didn’t seem like a fair fight.

The fox was transported to the animal hospital with serious injuries. His name has not yet been released. Local Mammal Police Crime scene investigators now remain on the scene trying to cover up the Fox’s glue tracks.

Criminal acts are outnumbering job hirings on a daily basis in Winnebago County. Please email our RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) Department immediately if you hear of a crime being commited in your neck of the forest city:  [email protected]rkfdnews.com

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