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Rockford Ad Firm Celebrates Five Years In Business At Chili’s

Ed Tavaco, Network Comm Specialist, from Extinguished Inc. enjoys Friday Fundays at Chili’s

Rockford, IL – Rockford area ad firm, Extinguished Inc., celebrated their five year anniversary as a business last week.  The firm’s founding owners and life partners, Jerry Smith and Chad Ups, treated the staff to a half-day off by forcing them to partake in an amazing lunch at Chili’s Grill & Bar on East State Street in Rockford, IL.

The half-day off treat also meant that the 9-person staff had to go bowling with the owners after eating 18lbs of Baby-back Ribs, 8 pitchers of margaritas, 62 Southwestern Eggrolls, and endless bowls of salsa and chips.  Yummie.

A few employees of Extinguished Inc. enjoys their half-day-off 5 year anniversary lunch at Chili’s in Rockford, IL. The Rockford ad firm was founded by its partners, Jerry Smith and Chad Ups.

I would have settled for the afternoon off, to go home to my one bedroom apartment and take a nap but I love eating at Chili’s with my co-workers.  We call it, “Friday Fundays at Chili’s!”  We work so hard for Jerry and Chad.  They have nice homes and cars, families to go home to when we stay all night to meet deadlines—and they deserve this anniversary.  I am very lucky to work for Jerry and Chad,” said Diana Cottir, an Account Executive that specializes in Client Affairs—an emphasis on affairs—at the eleven person firm.

Jerry told rkfdnews:

Chad and I wouldn’t be here today with our business without the hard work, talent, and love of our grossly underpaid employees.  I know I wouldn’t be here without Chad’s financial backing to begin with.  He has backed me in so many ways since we met.  It was love at first sight.  We thought, what the heck?  Why can’t we run a business with love?  That’s what we have with Extinguished Inc.

The Rockford area ad firm specializes in providing creative marketing services to the city’s tourism department, local hospitals, banks, down and out American Manufacturers, and mall churches.

I couldn’t think of an easier way to make as much money as I have with Jerry, my sweetheart,” says Chad Ups.  He explained what makes their business different than other local scumbag owned firms.

It’s unbelievable what a few dollars can make in marketing. More money!  Extinguished Inc.’s success is not that much different than most ad firms in the sense that we pay our staff 66% less than what the Bureau of Labor reports for the state of Illinois for those same career titles.  We also cut corners by not offering any benefits, 401k, and additional incentives.  We could easily triple our staff and run a night shift, but why?  Our employees are extremely motivated and more than capable of covering four to five other unpaid career roles that big city agencies waste money on hiring extra help for.  Why hire a Digital Marketing pro and SEO Director when you ask your Network Communications and I.T. Stuff guy, Ed, to be your Creative Director, Marketing Director, Copywriter, Photographer, a few Art Directors, toss in a few UI, UX, and CX duties, video and audio production, Social Media nonsense, SEO manager, an entire production staff, and be here on Saturdays and Sundays to do a little accounting to help Jerry and I out with?  We have it made! Why hire more people if you have an Ed? We have 9 employees and each is covering an average of five to six unpaid roles that other businesses pay for.  What a bunch of morons!  We are the best!  We are making America great again and again!

We take pride in keeping our employees here as long as we can too, but we’re completely aware of the fact that they have no where to go.  There aren’t any jobs in the Rockford region unless you’re working in medicine, education, and politics.  Other than that, you’re a f****d little fish in a pothole pond!  Hide your college degrees and practice poor grammar if you want a job in Rockford, Illinois.

Most days when Jerry and I need to leave at 2pm to golf, we know the team is there to get what we need done overnight and still be there at 8am when we come in!  Troopers.  We wouldn’t be so lucky in love with our money, our business together, our three homes, five cars, and a few speedboats without our team.

Jen and Tod from Extinguished Inc. enjoy a few crispy beers at the Rockford area neighborhood Chili’s on East State Street.

Treating them to a nice lunch at Chili’s and a little bowling is the least we can do to help them figure out how to enjoy a half-day off from work in Rockford, Illinois with us.

Extinguished Inc. is open to the public, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm.  The creative team can be found there Monday through Sunday, working 8am until 5am.  Jerry and Chad go home early around 2pm most days, or on extended vacations to their summer and winter homes in Aspen and Malibu.  Each paused and smiled before harmonizing a final synchronized sentiment:  “Stop in early with donuts and bagels to say hello,” sang Jerry and Chad.

If anyone else owns a business in Rockford that likes to treat their employees to Friday Funday lunches at the neighborhood Chili’s, please leave a comment below.

— Bob Lablaw

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