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My First Nibbles: Old Barn Atmosphere Delights French Fry Fans at McDonald’s in Roscoe

My First Nibbles:  Old Barn Atmosphere Delights French Fry Fans at McDonald’s in Roscoe

mcdonalds-roscoe-ilRockford, IL – I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the french fries at McDondald’s located at  5195 Elevator Road, Roscoe, IL 61073 in Roscoe,IL that I had to take a dinner drive to discover for myself.  I was not disappointed.

There are some wonderful employees at this McDonald’s who add charm to the old world atmosphere. The restaurant itself is made out of old barn wood. My daughter and I sat on picnic tables and were greeted by waiters dressed as clowns with red lipstick and wigs on. They took our orders for their world famous french fries.

fries-roscoe-mcdonaldsThe wait wasn’t too bad because there were TVs on everywhere hanging from the barn.  My daughter asked one of the clowns to put on the Disney channel and they did! Even when they made us wait for our fries, I thought to myself, “I like this place.”  My little one loved the play area with the pony rides, and it was very clean.  We watched Disney channel and rode ponies until our fries came.

The fry flavors burst in my mouth.  They use the right amount of salt to make a special fry. My daughter, Linda, got adventurous and used a little ketchup to dip my fries into, but it’s not needed. McDonald’s french fries at the Elevator Road location in Roscoe are delicious.

The rumors lived up to my expectations. We ordered more fries and rode ponies until the sun settled on the barn windows.  I am definitely coming back here again to try the burgers and chicken.  I hear they are as delicious as their homemade fries.

Lisa Soland

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