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Expired Pasta Sauce Melts Furniture Beams at Downtown’s Huge West Side Ristorante

Expired Pasta Sauce Melts Furniture Beams at Downtown’s Huge West Side Ristorante

Provolone Ferne Ristorante Cucina Kök’s west side grand opening has been cancelled due to the horrific events of 6/25 in downtown Rockford, Illinois.  No further information is known about the deceased, empty factory building that once employed human beings. Remnants of old furniture, made in America equipment, homemade pasta sauce (sugo) and delicious spaghetti noodles have been destroyed.  No one was hurt—not one homeless person—but there may be a nice insurance claim reward waiting in the wings for the property owners. (Contingent on an Amerock Ziock Gorman Chinese Financed Hotel being built blocks away.) We don’t know much more or anything at all anymore. “Pays to own an empty building in downtown Rockford,” they say.  They also said, “Transformation takes time. Sometimes time takes drastic measures to burn the past and build anew.”

Provolone Ferne Ristorante Cucina Kök’s east side grand opening is still on schedule for this summer. Its GRAND OPENING SUMMER 2017 offers something for everyone. Downtown Rockford’s premier four season restaurant and events center includes a craft tavern, winery, pizzaria, breakfast buffet, casual and fine dining options along with gaming, nightlife, and weekend events will open to people of all ages. Its craft tavern and winery sits atop the roof with a four-season, solar powered view of a beautiful, positive and proud Rockford, IL. Rooftop bowling, bumper pool, shuffleboard, video games, gambling machines, tavern trivia, and weekend Twister competitions for Mom, dad and the kids, or friends out on the town awaits a city in need of a hero.  Provolone Ferne Ristorante Cucina Kök’s east side will also feature an amazing casual and fine dining menu that has been orchestrated by internationally respected chefs—Greg, Chad, Ed, Mark, Gordon and Jay—from Naples, Beloit, Roscoe, Sacramento, Cumming, and Stockholm. Everything from soup to woodgrilled pizza and multi-ethnic pastas with locally produced meats, cheeses, and much more will be served.  The first month of customers receive FREE SOUP!  Their all-day breakfast buffet will feature all you can eat eggs, quiches, a make your own omelet section, piles of Swedish pancakes, and slabs of fried pork (bacon) sauteed and deep fried to melt your tastebuds!


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