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Believe: Debut Book by rkfdnews Available Now!

Press Release, December 14th, 2014 “Believe,” the debut book by rkfdnews is now available to purchase. It is available in print and digital formats. Amazon (U.S. and International), Barnes & Noble (and many other online book retailers) are carrying it now. Limited signed copies by its

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Google Keyword Winners – Week 1

Our site reports revealed that a few special winners (humans) found rkfdnews.com in the last week by searching for these key winning phrases: “hitler dont drink coffee”   “run over a tent ful of sleeping children”   “sexy cock”  

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Rockford Dream Police Shoot Dog and Kill Cat

ROCKFORD, IL –  RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers shot a cute dog and killed an extremely fertile cat on West State Street.  No other information is available. You will know more when we know less. – Ron Kites  

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Great Reviews For Carp Festival

Nick A Las Conservatory Garners National Attention For Historic Pet Carp Pool and Sin-A-Sippy Carp Pond Ranked #1 of 20 attractions in the Rkfd area; voted #6 attraction our of 50 in the United States for fishy conservatory projects. Type: Carp Pond and

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Poor Child Speared by RKFDP SWAT Team

Rockford, IL – Members of the RKFDP SWAT (Rockford Dream Police Department’s School-Yard Whoop Ass Team) TEAM surrounded a home on Hamster Circle near Finkleton Middle School Sunday afternoon. Officers said they were trying to negotiate with an armed child barricaded inside

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Go RKFD GO – Letter From Toledo Man Inspires

This letter was sent to us by a reader. This is what RKFD News is all about, people supporting people. Go RKFD GO! “I just stumbled onto your website and fell in love with your city, but knew nothing about

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