Go RKFD GO – Letter From Toledo Man Inspires

Go RKFD GO – Letter From Toledo Man Inspires

This letter was sent to us by a reader. This is what RKFD News is all about, people supporting people. Go RKFD GO!

“I just stumbled onto your website and fell in love with your city, but knew nothing about it. Being from the “T-Town,” I was impressed with the  lucrative tax incentives and cheap real estate I saw online. So impressed that I just had to visit the Rock River Valley region last week.

My first impression of the area was met with the warmth of it’s citizens. I came from Toledo, where the majority of the population are rude, arrogant, and have no respect for fellow humans. It was really refreshing to see that politeness and courtesy are still alive in today’s modern society. No matter where I turned, I was always met with a smile and a hardy “hello,” or “run,” or “good morning,” or “hey dude”.

There where many situations throughout my trip where peoples’ genuine good natures came to life. The downtown scene was impressive with bars and restaurants catering to all 3 types of people.  Every where I looked, there I was being photographed and video taped in your beautiful downtown district.  Truly a scenic place for any artist, but seeing all those amazing photographers and video makers inspired me.  

I want to be a Rockford photographer and video maker.  So much so that the first thing I did when I returned to rude Toledo was head to the Best Buy.  I bought a nice camera, HD recorder , a new Mac laptop, an iPad, a tripod, and 14 backup pocket drives. I can’t wait to return to Rockford, because I am going to be the best Rockford photographer from Toledo, Ohio, to ever pass through your beautiful fairgrounds.

Rockford and it’s beautiful people has also lead me to start exploring the idea of relocating to this very clean, modern and vibrant area. I am looking forward to calling RKFD my home in the very near future!

Future resident & professional photographer,

Howard Bilkerderzer”

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