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Mayor Defends Chief and Little Caesars Pizza In Letter to City of The Rockford 0

Gentlemen, Please see the pizza I cooked for City Council in my hand. Unfortunately, I was not asked by you, RRStar or RKFDnews, to comment on your pizza, nor was I asked to comment before today’s taste testing staff. This

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River District President Confronts Rockford City Council With Math and Logic

Rockford, IL – Rockford’s River District Association president, Gary Anderson, handed our City Council a big ol’basket of math–Rockford math problems–to figure out with a public statement on Monday Night.  RKFDnews.com has been provided a transcript of the public statement

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Exciting letters about Rockford!

ROCKFORD, IL –  Mary Beth Mallentino sent RKFD News this inspirational letter below.  Thanks, Mary. “I believe in Rockford with all my heart. But, it’s nice to have signs to prove that he is watching over me and that he loves

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Go RKFD GO – Letter From Toledo Man Inspires

This letter was sent to us by a reader. This is what RKFD News is all about, people supporting people. Go RKFD GO! “I just stumbled onto your website and fell in love with your city, but knew nothing about

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