Exciting letters about Rockford!

Exciting letters about Rockford!
Mary Beth Mallentino

Mary Beth Mallentino

ROCKFORD, IL –  Mary Beth Mallentino sent RKFD News this inspirational letter below.  Thanks, Mary.

“I believe in Rockford with all my heart. But, it’s nice to have signs to prove that he is watching over me and that he loves me.


My third year of college, being the stubborn horny girl that I am, I was trying to prove to my mom that I could make it without her help. I took a full load of classes, worked 40 hours a week partied till I puked every night  and still made time for friends on the side.


A couple weeks into the semester the school work load was getting to be a little bit much, so I decided to take an extra day off from work every week without consulting my budget. A couple weeks went by and I got my first paycheck of the month. I realized I didn’t have enough money to get groceries and pay the bills. I started stressing and drinking.


After worrying for a good long while about what I was going to do, I had coffee every morning and thought about it, asking Rockford to help me. The next day I started talking about my worries to a friend of mine who is a strong downtown loving artistic woman. She told me that her husband worked at a restaurant that throws away all the left over food at the end of every night. She said he typically just brings home stuff that they like but he’d be on campus the next day and if I just let him know where I was, he’d bring me some.


All I could think was wow! Rockford  really is watching out for me! The food that this amazing couple supplied me with lasted me long enough to get the money that I needed to go and buy groceries.”  –  Mary Beth Mallentino

You’ll know more about Rockford, IL, when we know less.™ 

– Jay Vannigan

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