Johnny Emerald the IIIrd Releases Love Songs to Symbol and Rockford

Johnny Emerald the IIIrd Releases Love Songs to Symbol and Rockford

Johnny Emerald IIIrdRockford, IL – Johnny Emerald the IIIrd is a self taught song writer, poet, and musician from Rockford, IL who also happens to live on the streets that he sings about.  Emerald the IIIrd is homeless, too.  Zach Staas, recording engineer at Mid-Under Squirrel Sound Studio, discovered Emerald the IIIrd one morning in downtown Rockford.  “I took a bike ride downtown to find a nice breakfast place to eat some eggs and bacon at when I heard a man singing.  I had given up looking for a breakfast diner to replenish the energy I exert from riding my bike at this point, so I followed the sounds towards a man.  And there he was, Johnny.”

Staas said that Mr. Emerald the IIIrd was playing a little Casio keyboard and singing to his friends about his love for Symbol at Davis Park. “There’s a nice abandoned building there where the homeless can rest and sing songs to each other. The acoustics are unbelievable but it was his words that got me. I felt like he was singing to me about me and everyone I know,” Staas added.

It was Emerald the IIIrd’s lucky day.  Staas asked the elder artist if he’d like to record some songs in a recording studio he works at after an afternoon round of golf.  Emerald the IIIrd agreed to go golfing with the recording studio staff to “feel dem out.”

We are proud to share the debut recordings from Johnny Emerald the IIIrd, recorded at the Mid-Under Squirrel Sound Studio in Rockford, IL by engineer/producer, Zach Staas. Emerald the IIIrd was reached for a comment but declined by politely stating, “All you needs to knows about me Mr. Johnny is in doze songs. I love Rockford and I hopes you dos too.”

We can’t wait to hear more from Johnny because rock n’ roll has sure forgotten how to have fun.  Maybe Johnny can bring the fun back to rock n’ roll because everyone else making music seems to be afraid of having fun with their Rockford musics.

– George Brawn 

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