Local Ad Firm Owner Decides To Become a Pony

Rockford, IL – Local ad firm owner and internet-mobster, Ray Gramcracker, has decided to become a pink pony with his free time. You will sure as f**k learn more when we know less.™ – Chief Tchad Beale

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Local Swedes Not Worried As Trader Joes Says F**k No To Five Points Neighborhood

Rockford, IL –  The popular Trader Joe’s grocery store, which is nationally owned by Aldi’s chain, politely said “f**k no, we’re not coming to Rockford.”  Community internet organizers (click here) and local Swedish people were reeling from the sad news this past

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Single Moms Boosting Rockford Real Estate Market

3.3 out of 5
Rating: 3.3

Rockford, IL – Carol O’Conner , a single mother of two, owns 5 homes in Rockford, IL.  She always thought this could be her life in Rockford when she was 20 and renting an apartment with her boyfriend Josh.  “I

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Man Eats Llama Renames Himself

4.1 out of 5
Rating: 4.1

Beloit, WI – A man from Beloit survived a Red Winged Black Bird attack and months lost in the South Beloit forest Preserve thanks to his faithful companion, a pet Llama named “Linda.”  However, the llama didn’t make it out alive

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City of Rockford Declares June 1st as National Fast Food Day

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Rating: 3.7

Rockford, IL – The city of Rockford, IL, voted 20-1 in favor of declaring June 1st of 2014 and every year afterwards a national holiday.  All Americans, including  immigrants without library cards, living and working a job in Winnebago County

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Downtown Remembers Rockford’s Fallen Soldiers With a Pizza Party

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Rating: 4.2

Rockford, IL –  Downtown Rockford was bustling with Memorial Day Weekend party-goers this weekend.  Saturday night climaxed with a Positivity Party for friends and family returning home for the weekend to eat ribs and see loved ones. Leonard Steambol told

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