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Rockford’s Next Mayor Contest Begins

Rockford, IL — The city of Rockford’s 2017 April mayoral election seems like it’s still months away, but the time is now to get in on the fun.  RKFDnews.com would like to ask you, the people, who the next mayor

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Local Belief Escalates While National Hope Fades

Rockford, IL – A new study conducted by the Winnebago County Emotional Awareness Political Science Council (WCEAPSC) released a report this week proving that local “Belief” is skyrocketing.  Not all that glitters is gold outside of the Rockford region as national

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Gorman, Mayor Barry, China, and Hotel Infiltrates Magic 8 Ball Again

Rockford, IL – Gorman & Company, based out of Wisconsin, has hired Mayor Barry Morrison according to our limited edition Spencer’s Gifts’ Magic 8 Ball. Gorman is behind major poverty-profitable projects in the Rockford region including the hotel stuff, Chinese investments,

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Mayor Defends Chief and Little Caesars Pizza In Letter to City of The Rockford 0

Gentlemen, Please see the pizza I cooked for City Council in my hand. Unfortunately, I was not asked by you, RRStar or RKFDnews, to comment on your pizza, nor was I asked to comment before today’s taste testing staff. This

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Non-Violent Ideas For Citizens of Rockford To Consider After City Aldermen Vote to Forgive Mayor’s Family Business Millions of Dollars in Real Estate Debt and Avoiding Foreclosure thus Proving How Corrupt, Uneducated, Nepotistic and Inept the Ponies Have Become

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Rockford, IL – Violent metaphors can’t change the reality that 12 out of 13 aldermen voted in agreement to forgive the Mayor of Rockford’s family business an absurd amount of money to keep a real estate development -the Garrison Lofts

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2014 State of The City Address – Rockford, IL (Jive Version)

Rockford, IL – Mayor Barry Morrison hosted his 9th annual State of the City Address at the Coronado Theater in Rockford, IL last night.  If you missed it, below is a Jive translation of the original transcript (which you can also

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