Horrible 3 Car Accident, Rare T-Pain CD Destroyed

Horrible 3 Car Accident, Rare T-Pain CD Destroyed

Rare, Japanese version of “Epiphany”, by T-Pain. Donaldo Randolph’s CD was destroyed in three car accident.

Rockford, IL – Just after midnight 3 vehicles were involved in a horrible explosion of cars at the intersection of Auburn and Kilburn streets. Only minor bodily injuries were reported along with a destroyed imported Japanese version CD copy of “Epiphany”, the 2007 release by the famous rapper, T-Pain.

Donaldo Randolphs, the driver of the 78 plymouth with 26″ wheels reported that he “… was pulling into the Burger King for a whopper listening’ to my boy T-Pain when I felt something nasty and was like, what the hell goin’ on?”  A red SUV clipped his drivers side front bumper and sideswiped a third car, a purple Topaz.  The driver of the Topaz, Victor Gomez, said, “¡Las ardillas tienen frío pero las hormigas están tibias! ”

Police were called to the accident as the driver of the SUV was said to be mad about gas prices but Officer Taylor said, “I was able to decipher quickly that she was drunk and speeding because using gas price rage as an accident excuse is so 2007 in my Rockford area accidents reports.”

Mr. Randolphs will not be pressing charges and doesn’t care about the damage to his car but wants a new copy of the rare Japanese version of  “Epiphany” by T-Pain paid for in return.  If anyone knows what Mr. Gomez said, please email us at:
[email protected]

UPDATE:  Melissa R. emailed us to transcribe what Victor Gomez may have been yelling after the 3-car explosion, “The squirrels are cold but the ants are warm!”  She did inform us that her understanding of the Mexican-Semi-Spanish language was better in college, but also that Mr. Gomez may have been in a state of shock.  

We asked her when she attended college and she said, “1981-1985”. We asked her if she thought the language may have changed much since and she said she didn’t know.  We’re not sure about her interpretation, but it’s better than anything Rockford Scanner is going to report today on their Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more. We’re still trying to find out if Mr. Randolphs is going to be able to replace his destroyed, rare, Japanese version CD copy of” Epiphany” by T-Pain.

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