Area Lives Improved by Local Organic Geo-Neutral Free Range Heroin

Area Lives Improved by Local Organic Geo-Neutral Free Range Heroin
two happy addicts

two happy addicts

A great new option for the many health conscious heroin addicts in the Rockford area has just hit the streets. Users can now buy unfilter, GMO free, gender neutral Heroin grown from Rockton’s sustainable poppy plant population and hand crafted in Belvidere. This small batch boutique product may cost a few bucks more, but it’s target market is used to higher prices for higher highs.

Our product has twice the potency of most street heroin you use these days. We have a certified cruelty free, carbon neutral company here… the proof is in the quality of our product.  Every hit feels like that first hit, No more chasing your first high. You can achieve it every time you shoot up!” said Chad Efferson, president and CEO of Little Spoon LLC.

Efferson plans to take his company public by the 3rd quarter this year. With a puchasing/delivery app currently in development and a needle sharing program already up and running, Chad seems destined to upset the heroine market. If that all wasn’t enough, Chad is doing something no drug dealer has done before. He is giving out half gram Little Spoon Trial Kits, complete with everything you need to snort, smoke and shoot your Aunt Hazel. It has never been a better time to give heroin a try.

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