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Rockford Aldermen Vote To Forgive Student Loans Acquired By Anyone Born in Rockford after 1968

Rockford Aldermen Vote To Forgive Student Loans Acquired By Anyone Born in Rockford after 1968

Rockford Student LoansRockford, IL – Anyone with student loans living as a citizen in the Rockford, IL and Winnebago County region are getting a pass from Rockford’s 13 Aldermen.

As of Monday night, June 2nd, 2014, anyone born after 1968 who has acquired college loans and has graduated with a 4-year undergrad degree or more and then couldn’t find work in a timely manner to pay back their loans but still had to settle for two or three part time jobs to make ends meet while deferring their student loans for a few decades in hope of better economic times to realize that those times ain’t a coming around for the Rockford area region which has caused many to stay here without the means to relocate themselves or the family they still wanted to try and raise to believe in the American Dream due to financial weight and debts caused by being originally being born as a middle class (now upper lower class person) in Rockford, IL will have all of their debts forgiven.

Poof!  Just like that–feel free to ignore your creditors phone calls and emails, as well as the games that the Department of Education has played on you to sell your loans to a 3rd party creditor forcing you to end up in repayment plans that sell the loans back to the Dept. of Education at higher interest rates which have doubled the original cost of your loan 20 years ago.  Tell them your aldermen waived your debts and move you and your family now.

Here is a list of numbers and contacts for your tax-payer paid public officials to give to your student loan lenders if they need a local contact to explaining your student loans’ debts forgiveness:

Timothy Durkee 1 [email protected] 815-637-6200
Jamie Getchius 2 [email protected] 815-713-7575
Thomas P. McNamara 3 [email protected] 815-262-6734
Kevin J. Frost 4 [email protected] 815-978-0542
Venita Hervey 5 [email protected] 815-968-7682
Marcus Hill, Sr 6 [email protected] 815-222-8057
Ann Thompson-Kelly 7 [email protected] 815-968-8389
Jeanne Oddo 8 [email protected] 815-375-0457
Teena M. Newburg 9 [email protected] 815-654-8752
Franklin C. Beach 10 [email protected] 815-399-3737
Karen Elyea 11 [email protected] 815-961-1795
John C. Beck 12 [email protected] 815-961-1954
Venita Hervey 13 [email protected] 815-962-5424
Joseph V. Chiarelli 14 [email protected] 815-962-5424
Lawrence J Morrissey [email protected] 815-987-5590

You will learn more when you are free to know less.™

– Ron Kites

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