Community Speaks Up After Transform Rockford Vision Rally

Community Speaks Up After Transform Rockford Vision Rally

Transform Rockford Vision Rally

Rockford, IL – The community felt something strong last night, and a few members of our staff were there to take it all in before spitting it back out for you.  Transform Rockford, which is now an established non-profit organization (and slowly establishing itself as a new political party for a city mayoral candidate  with big business church undertones ala the Tea Party merging with Heartland and First Rockford’s big box business churches), held a “Community Vision Rally” at the Coronado Theater in Downtown Rockford last night.

1400 estimated people showed up to rally community vision and receive a seasonal update on regional mediocrity. Here are a few comments we gathered from those who went:

“It was amazing.  We clapped and posed for phone photos to tweet.  It was fun.  The wireless was free. I live tweeted my emotions for The Rockford!”
– Larry Tones, RHA Rental Property Director


Transform Rockford“Hang on! I need to tweet something about the emotions I had for the Vision rally results for my Twitter followers, and then I’ll let you know how great I really feel.”
– Cindy Flahnsby, Dickorson & Neiman Real Estate Agent


“I have no idea what’s going on here tonight. The front door was open so I came in here hoping to find a stairwell to sleep under.  To my dismay, my favorite bed in Rockford was being occupied by two young women in nice suits doing a few lines of cocaine off of some guy’s ass cheeks. I need to write a song about it and find a safe box to sleep in tonight.”
Jim, Coronado Janitor


“I was overcome with the Lord of Rockford’s spirit.  I kept thinking about what He told his disciples:  “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” I said to the people in my row, “Rockford is heaven!”
– Tina Flahnsby, Nerium Sales Representative and Online Event Host


“Me hungry and optimistic for The Rockford. I am hopeful but I could use a Big Mac right about now. I hope we build a McDonalds near the hotel and trainline by 2015 for the next summer vision rally.”
– Bo Johnson, RPS 205 Teacher

“I love Nickleback and Hootie with The Blowfish, therefore it’s a no brainer that I love Vision Rallies. Thank you, Transform Rockford.  It was a fun night, I feel amazing”
– Linda Clementine, RACVB Marketing Director

Transform Rockford“This is going to be financially wonderful for my company’s future!”
– Billams Nordsthromb, Executive, Woodward Governor

“This is going to be financially wonderful for my company’s future!”
– Maxwell Boulder, Executive, SupplyCore

“This is going to be financially wonderful for my company’s future!”
– Donnie Vincenzo, Executive, Kaney Aerospace

“This is going to be financially wonderful for my company’s future!”
– Connie Popo, Executive, Heartland Community Church

– Jenny Cornwell, Executive, Rockford Register Star

“Vision is cool, but I thought there was going to be pizza, job interviews and art contests for prizes? I got drunk at Octane beforehand and that made it all ok to sit through.”
– Gerrald Hogsworth, Restauranteur

“I need to hire whoever did that video. It reminded me of the Mayor’s ETSY commercial.  I hope it’s on the internet later tonight to share on the Facebook.
– Ronnie Bawlsdeap, RACPAC Director of the Rockford Area Civic Pride Art Committee

“I was very happy for my horsey and my Orange Lamboguinea to be seen amongst so many little ponies in the house tonight. That’s right, 1400 PONIES!  YOU$A!
Lord Thomas Derby, CEO and LORD of ALL of Derby | Reynolds – The Wal-Mart of Advertising

“I want to be on Transform Rockford’s Red Team! Pick me!”
– Gina Binz, WREX News Reporter


Peasants and elitists will gather once again to talk, vision, clap or whatever as the blind continues to follow the blind into the madhouse.  Onward, now, continue towards the madhouse and claim your seat. We can’t wait for the next vision rally!

– Ron Kites

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