Meet The Falsteems – Beautiful Family Enjoys Breakfast Downtown

Meet The Falsteems – Beautiful Family Enjoys Breakfast Downtown
The Falsteems enjoy a delicious breakfast in downtown Rockford after church at Heartland.

The Falsteems enjoy a delicious breakfast in downtown Rockford after church at Heartland.

Rockford, IL – Beatrice Falsteem and her husband Jerry woke up to surprise the kids.  “I said to Jerry last night, if the weather is nice, let’s take the kids downtown to eat breakfast and maybe visit a bookstore afterwards.”

The Falsteems, a family of four, woke up to attend church first. “Every Sunday Jerry and I take the kids to Heartland Auto Mart.  It’s so neat.  We drop them off to play with the other kids while Jerry and I enjoy our first cup of coffee with the congregation.  One time I spilled on myself and Jerry was like, “Oh, Honey, be careful!””

Mrs. Falsteem had an idea though and brought it up to Jerry after putting the children to sleep last night. “There’s so much positive energy going on downtown and we want to be a part of it before it explodes and people from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Beloit come here instead of us always going there to spend the monies that Jerry and I make at our jobs in Janesville, Wisconsin.  I googled places to eat in downtown Rockford for breakfast and we were so happy to find a real, old-fashioned diner!”

These are over-easy eggs.

These are over-easy eggs.

The Falsteems are a part of a growing number of Rockford area families who are returning to downtown to enjoy the restaurants and stores on weekends.  We asked Jerry what he and his family ate for breakfast but Beatrice answered for him again.

“Oh my Lord, it was so delicious.  My husband and I decided to have one cup of coffee at Heartland so we could enjoy a fresh pot in downtown Rockford.  The kids drank orange juice with lots of pulp.  They served it in a glass milk gallon bottle.  I thought that was neat.  For breakfast we ate eggs over-easy with bacon and toast–the best eggs and bacon with toast I’ve ever eaten in downtown Rockford!  Our kids, Sally and John, ate blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes.  Jerry snuck a bite and said “Oh my Lord, these are to die for Honey!””

Will the Falsteems be returning to downtown Rockford next weekend to enjoy breakfast?

“Oh my, yes. It was such a good time.  Now I know we can eat a nice meal for breakfast–the most important meal of the day–in downtown Rockford.  Not one bum asked us for change on our walk to the bookstore.  It was packed!  We were so happy to other families and children playing while we shopped for home maintenance books.  Jerry has to fix the dryer again. I keep saying, “Oh my Lord, Jerry, let’s buy a new one!””

You will know more about The Falsteems and other Rockford area families enjoying beautiful downtown Rockford for breakfast when we know less.

– Chief Tchad Beale

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