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Beephatillo’s – New Rockford Restaurant to Fulfill Voters’ Beef and Pork Demands

Beephatillo’s – New Rockford Restaurant to Fulfill Voters’ Beef and Pork Demands

Rockford, IL – Our staff here at has decided to open up its own Rockford area fat food restaurant, Beephatillo’s. Please help us make our local mystery train, hotel and casino dreams come true by buying one of our artist series tee shirts.  (We promise to screw the artists by not giving them a cut of each sale, deli style.) Available to pre-order now.

Click here to purchase a limited Beephatillo's tee!

This limited artist series tee by Andy Whorehall and Chief Jay Vannigan plays on the popular community saying “eat more beef, pork more pork”– and it’s true! If everyone could eat more beef and pork more pork, we’d have more vegetables, low hanging fruits and healthier editable options to poison the proud, positive city of Rockford’s obese community with laughter. If you haven’t been to Beephatillo’s® yet, HOLY COW! You fat f**king pigs are missing out! Beephatillo’s is a local favorite that specializes in raising organically birthed cattle and piglets that are synthetically fed from the Rock River’s water supply until being sent to the slaughterhouse, and then onto the butcher who prepares everything to be cooked and dumped into your proud Rockford mouths and fat f**king bellies! This extremely limited artist edition teeshirt will be carefully produced, packaged and sealed like a piece of beef n’ pork art to be mailed to you by the artists themselves. NOTE: We will NOT pay the artists for their work after you pay us to make this shirt for you– 100% GUARANTEED. RKFDnews Artists Series ≠ A series of shirts designed by local artists that we won’t pay a penny to from sales of this shirt after we print them on 99% (or Less) Made in the USA tee shirt material. Each order is sealed and certified by the artists themselves and sent to you at their expense. We have 0 intents to pay the artists for their work, or cover their shipping and handling expenses because we believe in supporting the artists by telling you we are versus backing up our words with actions– the Rockford, IL, way. We’re going to flat out admit right here on the internet (once and for all) that we have 0 intents to pay Andy and Jay for their work to honor the true spirit of “The Rockford Way™”! Please support our artists, they help us make money for free. Go Rockford or whatever!

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