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Heartland’s Stroll On State Event Brings Record Crowd To Downtown Rockford

ROCKFORD, IL – Downtown Rockford held its debut Heartland Stroll On State event on Saturday evening. A record crowd of at least 90,000 people attended, but according to Our City Our Story, only 30,000 people attended based on their “unconfirmed conservative

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Misery Loves Your City’s Cream Puffs: Chief Tchad Beale’s State of The City’s Address to the Mayor and it’s Community’s Aspiring Cream Puffs

  Rockford, IL – Editor and tribal leader of RKFDNews.com, Chief Tchad Beale, provides a state of the city address response to the Mayor and to the miserably original City of Rockford. Dear Poor People of Rockford, IL,   I

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