AMATEUR Sports Complex Approved – AMATEUR Bidding For Smoke & Mirrors Marketing Budget Starts Now!

AMATEUR Sports Complex Approved – AMATEUR Bidding For Smoke & Mirrors Marketing Budget Starts Now!
Reclaiming First Rockford Sports Complex Downtown

Above example shows you what AMATEUR sports looks like sometime.

Rockford, IL – The City of Rockford’s tourism bureau, RACVB (or Go Rockford!) and all of their backdoor deal makers discovered they were 15.5 million dollars short last year to build a modern, AMATEUR sports facility project in downtown Rockford.  The project–known as RECLAIMING FIRST–went to Springfield, IL for the state’s senate to approve the funding of.   After many weeks of begging and waiting, RECLAIMING FIRST, won the money to build some neat AMATEUR sports stuff in an effort to revitalize downtown Rockford and relocate the homeless people elsewhere.

Much of the project’s estimated cost (ballpark) is explained here at Reclaiming First’s website and in their case study, take a read (PDF download from RECLAIMINGFIRST.ORG).  It’s pretty funny math if you read closely.  Many missing numbers but strangely there are numbers for the estimated jobs it will create in 5 years (250 FULL TIME, WOO HOOPITY DOO, ROCKFORD), 210 construction jobs, and estimated $ costs for many of the AMATEUR sports complex project’s expenditures.

RECLAIMING FIRST covers some of the tougher, major ballpark numbers in their FAQ section, but strangely (not in IL), some of the easiest numbers to provide aren’t there:

Who will promote the facilities? 

In keeping with its current partnership with the Rockford Park District, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau could be charged with promoting the venues to non-local user groups/tournament organizers. Funds for marketing the facilities are built in to the overall project budget.

AMATEUR Rockford math for AMATEUR sports projects.

AMATEUR sports projects require AMATEUR math skills
(Photo ©

There are numbers for everything throughout this project budget that have been worked on, but not the marketing of?  We know why.  This is where the 1% takes, takes, takes from the public right in front of your eyes.  Those funds are supposed to be available for the Public’s bidding on the project, since it is a state and city funded project.  In non-corrupt, transparent situations, an ethical process of public bidding is opened up for public project bidding.  The bidding is commenced legally by a press release, and the local newspapers run it to invite your estimates.  Most often, advertising and marketing firms apply for public bidding with proposals.

Typically, that’s how it works… not in Rockford, IL.

This is how backdoor deals are made behind the public’s backs, this is where the mystery money goes again–to the same people, firms, and lobbyists already locked up for the mystery funds.  Take a look at the city minutes, it’s public knowledge who gets most of those marketing funds if you look for it.  Start with which firm does most of the marketing for RACVB–who is heading RECLAIMING FIRST–and end up with which firm has been handling marketing from the city through RPS205 (city school district).   GrahamSpencer and KMK Media. There will not be public bidding–and if there is, it will be a smoke and mirrors show once again in the same fashion that the marketing funds for RPS205 are handled.

You’re welcome.

Enjoy your AMATEUR sports project, Rockford, but as we see it on paper, there’s a large potential that white collared crime is on the rise, too!  That’s not news in Illinois, it’s more of the same old noose.
Good luck and let the bidding begin!

– Chief Tchad Beale

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