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Max Bordell

Max Bordell has been seriously thinking about becoming a writer for years. He was born in the backseat of a green Monte Carlo in 1977. Raised by a man with elephantiasis of the nuts in the Concord Commons, Max learned life on the streets. After graduating from Auburn High School Max worked as a pizza delivery driver, an insurance salesman, and also sucked dick for meth on 7th street near the railroad tracks. Now that he's recovered (physically) he's back writing about his favorite subject, Rockford, Illinois. His one wish in life is to be black, so he can date blondes.

Pastor Goes On “Holy Roll” Consuming 200 Swiss Cake Rolls In 9 Minutes

ROCKFORD – Pastor Drake Daniels of First Assembly of God’s Farmhouse Church took the stage Wednesday during an evening event known as Cross Current when he went into a rage or “fit” as it was later described by onlookers. “Drake

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