Free Applebees Meals For Veterans Angers Teachers and Church Goers

Free Applebees Meals For Veterans Angers Teachers and Church Goers

Rockford, ILApplebees, the popular retail restaurant chain, celebrated Veterans Day by offering free meals to America’s military veterans.  Local Rockfordians are not happy, especially Elaine Carlson, a first grade teacher and mother of five who tried to feed her family at the Applebees location on East State Street yesterday.

“Why the Veterans?  Why not the proud American families that eat at Applebees every Sunday after church?  Why not the proud families that enjoy a delicious Applebees riblet basket on Tuesday nights after school with the kids?  Why? I don’t understand this behavior by Applebees. Talk about catering to the 1% by the 1% !  It’s not fair.  When are families going to get a free meal?”

America Loves Applebee’s and Applebee’s Loves America Right Back

Many protesting the free meals for Veterans at the Riverside Blvd. location in Loves Park, IL agreed with Carlson and weren’t as polite as she was to  Janet Frederickson, second grade teacher, loves to join Carlson’s family with her’s every Sunday after mass.

“My husband Jerry and our two kids love the teachers discount but never in our entire life of eating at Applebees have we ever received a free f*****g meal like these Veterans do.  I am f*****g p****d. This is such horse s**t.  Free meals for Uncle Sam but not for America’s future?  The families who support Applebees once to twice a week in America?!  This is a bunch of butt-f*****g s**t. We are going to Chilis,” 

The two hundred local protestors, mainly families with their teacher and church going friends, are arranging an Applebees strike to begin this week at Chilis.  The option to protest Applebees at Buffalo Wild Wings is available.  Note, discounts are not currently available for educators and church goers at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They will have to pay for their meals at a full price like any lucky American would have to do with a job they’re lucky to have, and money in their bank accounts.

For more information on how the public can protest free meals from Applebees to Veterans in the future, feel free to eat at Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Red Lobster, or contact us at:  [email protected] 

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  1. John 10 November, 2015, 05:36

    These people are self-centered and don’t understand or care about what the military has done and sacrificed for America. You should be ashamed for your comments and the Rockford news should be ashamed for printing it. This person with five children is already receiving aid from the government EVERYDAY. Sad she has this mentality and is a teacher. Expressing my option is not a waste of time to rebuke small minded people.

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