Local Celebrity and Founder of Rockford Scanner Releases Personal Website

Local Celebrity and Founder of Rockford Scanner Releases Personal Website
Rickie Traeger

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Rockford, IL – Over 40,000 people in the Rockford area have gravitated towards RockfordScanner.com for misspelled and inaccurate details on the hour.  It’s something the Onion came up with years ago but real.  Real, original Rockford real.  That kind.

Founder and inventor of the local internet sensation, RockfordScanner.com, released his own personal website.  If anyone didn’t know that Rickie Traeger founded the popular online breaking (and most often inaccurate) news outlet, now you do.

Today on facebook Rockford Scanner released a news release on their public page that Facebook owns the content to to inform the general public who their founder is, RickieTraeger.com

Below are screen shots that our staff photographer took of Rickie’s new website because he’s developed his site to be copy/paste prohibited but under the fair use clause and the fact we’re covering the news release their organization posted earlier today on a public forum, here you go.

In many ways, Mr. Traeger is a hero to our staff and we want to thank him for everything he does for Rockford, Illinois.  We here at RKFDnews.com wouldn’t exist without his lead. Everything we do is a reflection of RockfordScanner.com along with a few other pulitzer prize winning news media outlets who continue to help Rockford feel better about their community.  Keep it real, Rickie.

There’s no possible way for us to make up the people that make up Rockford, IL.  We are so proud to be amongst the greats.  Our own staff, those bringing back jobs with the Mayor at Our City Our Story, the Etsy CEOS and yes, Rickie. We don’t exist without the real, original, people that make up Rockford. Literally, make up Rockford to be whatever you want to. We have.

This is the last story we’re going to publish for awhile because we can’t compete with whatever it is that 40,000 people in the Rockford area can’t get enough of.


See you in the fall,

Chief Tchad Beale with Assistants to the Chief, Ron Kites, Jay Vannigan and the rest of our staff.

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