ROCKFORD ETSY Has Four New Websites To Visit & BUY LOCAL!

ROCKFORD ETSY Has Four New Websites To Visit & BUY LOCAL!,,, and are now open for online sales!,,, and are now open for online sales!

Rockford, IL – A few months ago, the Mayor of Rockford and the CEO of ETSY proclaimed some vague stuff publicly, online, in the news, to the city about doing vague stuff with your skills and craft making ideas with ETSY, and then ETSY said something to the effects of, “Yes, you are Rockford and we ETSY certify you!”  In other words, our staff reinterpreted the messages as, “We can’t help you and neither can your business leaders,” and, “Make your own damn jobs, Rockford.  You wanna buy some scarves and socks?  Make a knit a scarf, stitch a sock or two and sell it on the internet.  Make internet your job.  You go, girl. Don’t forget to do math!”  That last part is the core of our leaders problems, but this is about ROCKFORD and ETSY.

Other than the whole fiasco being a perfectly timed marketing and public relations effort by the mayor with Our City Our Story producing the media piece and ETSY unknowingly or knowingly on board to propel the mayor into his 3rd term with a viral commercial (Episode 15 of Our City Our Story, watch it below) to assist his reelection campaign, we’re still unsure of the coalition between ETSY and ROCKFORD. However, a private source verified the business agreement between the mayor and OCOS to produce the marketing piece for his reelection campaign. It’s a great business move for OCOS with nice politico-marketing tactics that cleverly hides itself in community member interviews and edits doing the ETSY thing for ROCKFORD for the first few minutes before the Mayor and ETSY speaks up about their tweeting and coffee preferences, bidnizz plan, a piece of paper, maybe a backdoor deal? A win for OCOS overall, but it also serves as a short-sighted online reminder to the Mayor and ETSY.  Now, we know the community doesn’t care for the most part–your complacency shines through your belt buckles–but they should.  After-all, this is the age of transformation and facing Rockford’s issues, right?  We ask:

What exactly is this coalition between the City of Rockford via the Mayor and ETSY’s CEO all about, and what else did they do to continue their initiatives online besides a few video interviews, articles, a couple of PR moves to get news coverage, and a certificate?

We were so unsure of ETSY and the City of ROCKFORD’s public coalition that we decided to see if we could TRANSFORM our forthcoming store into a Rockford ETSY hub this past week by taking the first few simple steps towards preserving their online initiatives–securing domain names. Not one complicated domain, but to buy the simplest bunch of names that peasants would google search. We researched the availability of these FOUR available domains below without spending more than 10 minutes of our precious time. We expected them to be locked up by now based on the time that’s passed and the amount of coverage that was given to the coalition by the City of Rockford and ETSY. To our pleasant, humoured surprise, they were all available:

We are happy to announce that RKFDNEWS has a store online that is ROCKFORD ETSY CERTIFIED!  

Please visit those domain names above at anytime to stay tuned for real, original, positive, transformational news about our online ROCKFORD ETSY store opening coming soon!  This is not a joke and we win internet.  Thank you, Rockford, and thank you ETSY, but thank you, GoDaddy! We are three steps away from selling you our custom goods, stay tuned for more information on how you, the community, will be helping us.

You will learn more when we know less.™

– Ron Kites

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